User-Centred Research, Ideation, and Design Consultancy


Need help developing an idea? Already got an existing digital product but need support? Missing a key team member?

Established in 2013, Studio Solo is the brainchild of artist, designer and researcher James Oliver. With 13 years' multidisciplinary experience practicing graphic design, web design and research for some incredible brands and teams, James now runs a user-experience consultancy for those seeking support and direction. Having work experience in government, publishing, retail, music, fashion, travel, family history, and media, as well as agency side, Studio Solo is a culmination of ambition, hard work, empathy, patience, strategy, conceptualising, developing ideas, mentoring, delivering and always seeking to learn and improve. We can join you on-site or off-site, depending on your needs.

Who we've worked with



Nalika Kala, Senior Interaction Designer, BBC

"As a UX practitioner, James always aims to think beyond convention, challenging the boundaries of limiting constraints for the sake of a better user experience."

Jonathan Saverimuttu, (Former) Managing Director,

"The work James did for Ancestry helped the business grow and the brand to be more successful."

Gavin Wright, Design Director, The Royals, Melbourne, AU

"I'm confident James' talent, good nature and ambition will ensure his current solo venture is a success."

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